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Excerpt 4'24"


Director/DoP for VH1

Executive producer: George Moll

Introduced by Billy Bob Thornton

This feature doc chronicles the making of Zevon's final album,The Wind, recorded soon after he was diagnosed with the terminal lung cancer mesothelioma, featuring appearances by Bruce Springsteen, Jackson Brown, The Eagles, Stevie Nicks, Hunter S Thomson, Mick Fleetwood and Ry Cooder.

As we follow Zevon through his personal journey through illness,

he shares poignant memories and excerpts from his personal diary.

The power of the film resides in Zevon's directness. He never seems to forget that he's dying, yet he keeps his life from taking on either a romantic sheen or a pitiful skin. Pop Matters

we highly recommend checking out this touching feature Jambase

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