Excerpt 3'38"


Producer/ director/ DoP for October Films

Executive producer: Denman Rooke

Narrator: Sophie Okenado


NOMINATED: GTC Award of excellence

NOMINATED: One World Media Awards 2012

When South Sudan gained its independence in the summer of 2011, it brought the return of many who had fled the long civil war. Among them were some of “The Lost Boys”. This was the name given to more than 20,000 child refugees, some as young as 7, who walked more than a thousand miles to refugee camps in Ethiopia. More than half fell victim to war, disease and starvation along the way.


Many of the survivors were recruited as child soldiers in the rebel army; others were exiled abroad. Now the Lost Boys are coming home. For some it’s a chance to trace relatives and come to terms with childhood trauma; for others it is an opportunity to help build the new nation and their own careers.


“With Europe still in crisis, get some perspective by watching this. A sterling reminder that the world is bigger than the Eurozone” GQ