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Excerpt 5'08"


Producer/director/DoP for Blakeway Productions

Executive producer: Fiona Stourton

Reporter: Mark Franchetti


Silvio Berlusconi is a phenomenon. Abroad, he may be regarded as a gaffe-prone clown but at home he is treated like a rock star or the lead actor in a uniquely Italian soap opera. A former cruise-ship crooner who has been summoned to court 2,500 times, he is accused by his political enemies of being dishonest, cunning, corrupt, autocratic and wholly self-interested — a second Mussolini. It is said that he went into politics only to avoid becoming a fugitive from justice.


Yet he shrugs off sex scandals, allegations of corruption and links with the Mafia, and enjoys the highest approval rating of any leader in Europe. This colourful profile explains what kind of person he is, what he is accused of — and why the Italians keep electing him.

Welcome to the all-singing, all-dancing Berlusconi Show.

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