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Bolshoi Babylon

Director/DoP for Red Zed Films

Producer/co-director: Mark Franchetti

Executive producer: Simon Chinn



The Bolshoi. Symbol of Russia, a national treasure – mystical and intriguing. In 2013-4 the theatre had grabbed the headlines for all the wrong reasons: intrigue, personal attacks and management changes created lurid headlines.


The following season, for the first time, the theatre directors allowed a film crew uncensored access backstage.


Combining epic themes with intimate portraits, historical dramas are counterpointed with the untold personal stories of agony and ecstasy that lie behind every acclaimed performance. As the Bolshoi tries to repairs its public image, backstage new dramas unfold - all soaked in an atmosphere of blood, sweat and tears.

  • PREMIERED: Toronto International Film Festival

  • IN COMPETITION: IDFA/ CPH/ Moscow Film Festivals

  • OFFICIAL SELECTION: NYC Docs/ Hamptons/ Munich/ Zagreb/ Bermuda Film Festivals

  • SHORTLISTED: 2 x EMMY (Best documentary & best original score)

  • NOMINATED: BAFTA & OSCAR best documentary feature 2017

  • FINALIST: Foreign Press Association Documentary of the Year


Makes Black Swan look tame by comparison Total Film

Candid & dramatic – not to be missed Vogue

A slickly produced piece of work that paints a dark-hued portrait of the modern Bolshoi Daily Telegraph

Enthralling... a shocking tale of dysfunction ★★★★ Peter Bradshaw Guardian

★★★★ Independent

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